Other manpower sources for outreach events

The Kansas City Metro team wanted to re-launch a ministry at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, three hours away. With only a few from their team able to go blitz the campus for any part of their time there, they knew they didn’t have the manpower to take ministry partners or other untrained volunteers who wouldn’t know what they were doing.

While brainstorming, they came up with two awesome resources for help. Read on to learn how one of those who joined them led a student to Christ.

Paula Hink, does operations for the Kansas City Metro team. She told me how she tried to find others to go with them.

First, I went onto the staff web and under “staff directory” searched for staff in Kansas and Missouri. (Pitt State in near the state line.) Through that, I found a bunch of staff not connected to the campus ministry. I was surprised. There were more people there than I had any knowledge of. Quite a few staff in our area that I had never met—and I’ve been here for 13 years! Some were really excited to hear about our outreach.

Second, I have stayed in touch with quite a few former staff in our area, all trained in evangelism! So I emailed them the info as well. All of them expressed interested in that or future events.

In the end, one couple from the Cru Prayer team drove four hours to join us at Pitt State. The wife led a student to Christ right there in front of our table. So exciting!

I agree with Paula. There must be many former Cru staff or trained alumni out there who would probably love an opportunity to do evangelism again for a short-term outreach. At the time Paula wrote me, their team had another blitz scheduled and it sounded like some former staff might join them.

The Kansas City Metro team regularly invites others not on their team for Days of Prayer and other events. Whether you have a large or small staff team, connecting with former staff and non-campus ministry Cru staff, this build camaraderie and fosters collaboration. Paula sees it as a win-win. She says it is “a chance for them to reconnect with the local ministry, and a chance for us to have additional “staff”!”


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