iCare Week

With nine days until Christmas, you have a lot to think about. But I read about a week-long evangelistic emphasis Catherine Canham, CFM ND, Upper MidWest region, sent some of us recently. I want to seed your thinking as you consider evangelistic plans for next semester.

Dusty Hoffman, MTL, Sioux Empire Team in Sioux Falls, SD, asked the question, “What would happen if students in our movement stepped out to practically demonstrate the love of Christ on campus?” He developed iCare Week, eight prepackaged outreach ideas that are easily replicated.

Dusty describes these ideas in a Word document that I have placed in my DropBox.

  • iThank—A thank you note writing party for those in the campus community for what they do.
  • iAsk—Giving students an opportunity to tell us what they would ask God.
  • iHelp—Put together and give hygiene packs to low income families, the elderly and with children under 17.
  • iServe—Choose a group of people and different ways to serve them as a way of demonstrating the love of Christ.
  • iConnect—Develop a list of questions to ask friends to connect on a heart level.
  • iPray—Ask as many as possible in one hour to write down a prayer request and then pray.
  • iListen—Evangelistic focus groups.
  • iParty—Celebrate what God did during the week.

You don’t have to do every idea. But you can pick and choose those that will work in your situation. By the way, my wife coaches the student leader at a two year school, Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota. The students picked two, iThank and iAsk. These helped increase visibility on campus.

Why not take a moment to skim through these easy ideas and consider what week next semester you would like to do an iCare Week?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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