The Pledge

For over 60 years, God has used our ministry in a powerful way to send Christ-centered laborers into the harvest. Our simple Win-Build-Send strategy has always been about helping those who come to Christ grow in their new faith so they will go tell others about Him.

By now, you probably know that we are making a concerted effort to ask ourselves, first of all, and then students, faculty and volunteers, really, anyone connected with our ministry to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

At our Christmas/Winter conferences and Fastbreaks, we will ask everyone to sign a common pledge that crystallizes the essence of surrendering to Christ. Read on to learn more of what you can expect in this pledge process.

This pledge states:

Lord Jesus, I surrender to you to follow in the power of your Spirit. I will…

  • Go where you want me to go
  • Do what you want me to do
  • Say what you want me to say
  • Give what you want me to give

Rob Mittuch, CFM ND in the MidAtlantic region, shared recently some of what he has learned about surrendering. Romans 12:1 likens a living sacrifice to being on an operating table and God is a talented surgeon. We don’t expect to understand all that the Surgeon will perform, but we trust his credentials and experience. Rob talked about two types of surrender.

  1. When it is thrust upon us. He learned as the father of a disabled son, that we are designed for surrender, not to live with freedom of control. Surrender is not seen as waving a white flag at the enemy. And adversity should be seen as an act of God’s grace.
  2. When we have a volitional choice. Accepting the pledge is such an opportunity. It is not an obligation to fulfill.

At every conference this year, there will be a way for each person to indicate their pledge of surrender to the Lord. An email or text affirming their decision will be sent to them. It will contain options for on-line resources and opportunities, as well as a way to sign up for an email series on practical steps integrating the pledge and the 5 Things.

It will be important for each person who pledges surrender to have someone able to help them act on their intentions to go, do, say and give. That moment of clarity is just the beginning. We want to make sure someone, a discipler, a coach (whether nearby or from a distance), or even a peer can help them process their commitment with appropriate next steps in their growth and faith journey as “Sent Ones”.

In many ways, calling students to surrender themselves to the Lord at these upcoming conferences is no different than what we have traditionally done over the years. But what we are doing this year is, in the words of CFM Executive Director, Patty McCain, “establishing a common call, a common process and a common system of support for students across the country integrated with what happens on campus.”


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