Reaching Top Student Leaders

The semester is almost done. We have the normal flurry of activity like recruiting for Christmas/Winter conferences and doing Christmas outreaches and parties. You will probably do some evaluation and planning ahead to next semester.

I would like you to consider how you could influence leaders. Our Cru High School ministry cannot reach teens unless they are able to talk with teachers, principles, parents and youth pastors. They must be able to relate to anyone who influences teenagers.

However, we in collegiate ministry often fly under the radar on campus. We do not interact with those who can and do influence the environment our students are subject to. We need to learn how.

Sara Donahoe, on the Upper Midwest Operations Team, works with Executive and Entrepreneurial Forums. These forums bring leaders in your community together to reach campus leaders. Amy Ford, former Executive Forums Specialist, describes them this way.

EII Forums

Executive Forums…Reaching Top Student Leaders on your Campus

Imagine a Cru evangelistic event that draws the president of the student body, editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, presidents of the largest fraternities and sororities, captains of the varsity wrestling and swim teams, and top international scholars. Are you picturing your weekly large group meeting? Probably not.

From its conception, Campus Crusade for Christ has gone after reaching top student leaders on colleges and universities around the world. You may be familiar with the iconic picture above of a young Bill Bright on the UCLA campus with the student body president and captain of the football team.

Reaching student leaders continues to be a vital part of our DNA, so in your efforts to reach these students, utilize the Executive Forums. You may recognize them as the Mentor’s Forums, Millionaires Forums or the Executive & Entrepreneurial Forums (EII). The EII Forum is a 30-hour outreach designed to reach leaders and top students on your campus by hosting top-level executives to integrate a Christian world-view and Gospel presentation into classroom lectures, a formal dinner and your weekly large group meeting.

Various regions are utilizing the EII Forums and seeing tremendous results. The Pacific Southwest region has several scheduled this Spring and the Upper Midwest will have a dozen.

And did we mention these Forums will help raise money for your campus? The forum’s provide an annual venue for you to engage highly successful professionals on your mission field resulting in their gaining a new found passion for what you are doing to reach college students and professors with the gospel; and as their hearts go so goes their kingdom giving!

Consider hosting an EII Forum on your campus this year. Forums are held in both the fall and spring semesters, and can be a great momentum boost to any movement. Check out these resources for more information.

  • For the 2010 Executive Forums Manual.
  • Here is a video interview that PSW EII Forum coordinator, Jacob Douglass, put together with one of their speakers. It’s well done and could be helpful in recruiting and motivating speakers.

To host an Executive Forum on your campus, contact your regional team. If you need further information, contact Sara Donahoe, Executive Forums Specialist in the Upper Midwest Region at

I remember back to when I first got on campus at Boston College. The very first event I attended was a reception for leaders on campus. That event opened up opportunities all year long with these leaders and the students involved in their clubs and teams. These forums can open up similar doors for you.


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