A New Look for Discipleship

My team helped host a Distance Coaching Roundtable recently. One of the staff profiled during that time was Julie Naanes, Destino LINC Team. She shared how she was part of a Destino Stint team in New York City, but moved to rural Kansas last Spring to care for her aging grandmother.

Julie continued to disciple those students she worked with in NYC using Skype and texting. But in her new role as a LINC consultant, she was also able to use that technology to disciple other Latino students in other places around the country.

In an effort to explain to her ministry partners what she was doing, Julie put this page together.

In the meantime, Julie has continued to take on others around the country who want to launch Destino movements at their schools. So this picture is now out of date, but it does help explain what she does and how she is using available technology to connect with more students. (By the way, if you click on the image it will open in another window and you can save it.)

With very few Destino staff and lots of students interested in launching Destino movements, thanks, Julie, for working outside the box to make a huge difference!


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