Finding a Capable Leader

Two weeks ago, I talked about the stages of development of movements and the skills needed at each stage. Last week, I passed on a prayer experience for new movements showing how God views those outside our existing span of care.

Over the next few weeks, I want to double click on each of those four stages to focus on specific skills. Today, it’s Pioneering. I have great news if you are trying to find capable leaders on new campuses.

If you are relatively new on staff or an intern, or you are developing a new staff, you have used Moodle. You will want to become familiar with a new course.

With the descriptive title of “So you want to start a ministry? Launch a movement?“, you will be able to sign up prospective student or volunteer leaders. Here is the link.  Click on the “Enroll me” button under “Self Enrollment (student)”. By the way, Moodle uses the Relay login. Anyone can register to receive a password.

As, a coach, you will want to login as “Coach2012”. You can do that under “Settings”, “Switch role to… “, then click “Coach”.

I like how this course captures both the art and the science of launching that Launch Specialist, Brian Hudkins, has learned filtering scores of volunteer leaders. Included are key elements Brian goes over in his launching conversations:

  • Understanding our Win, Build, Send DNA.
  • Gathering a leadership team, or don’t do this alone.
  • Going through “Satisfied?” to understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Agreeing to our Statement of Faith and applying to be a volunteer.

As prospective leaders go through this course, they will read several articles and interact with their coach on each of them. It is always a fascinating faith venture to see how God puts the key people together in launching a new movement.


One thought on “Finding a Capable Leader

  1. Steve Strongitharm

    Hi Gilbert,
    In Moodle I can’t seem to switch my role to that of a coach as Settings does not have that option available to me. Is there a reason for that? Or am I just missing it? I’m a staff member in Canada.
    Love getting your posts,


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