Reaching Chinese

I sent out a tip last Spring from Jim Layman on Reaching International Students. He mentioned that 850,000 International students study on American campuses. That number increases every year. It offers a unique opportunity for ministry for our staff, volunteers and students to touch the world.

Obviously, there are experiences common to all International students as they study in the US. But our Bridges International staff focus on three broad people groups: Chinese, South Asians (primarily Indian) and Middle Easterners. helps with both the common and specific aspects of reaching the world coming to our campuses.

I received a very helpful email recently from Kelly Bryant, Bridges staff focusing on the Chinese network. She sends out monthly Chinese Network Tips to staff and volunteers. The one she sent me told of a creative way that Blake and Leeann Holaday, Bridges staff at Purdue, cast vision to Cru students for reaching internationals. You can see that tip, subscribe to Kelly’s tips and see past issues here.

There were a number of resources mentioned for understanding Chinese students.

A number of years ago, my wife and I befriended a Chinese graduate couple. It was both an enriching experience for us and added a fun aspect to our ministry on campus. Why not encourage some of your students to consider how they might befriend some Chinese students. They don’t have to do this alone. The Bridges International Coaching Center can answer questions and offer suggestions. Email them at


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