Summer Survival

Have you been looking for the “More Than a Summer Survivor” guide?

I hadn’t been able to find it. But earlier this week, Neil Downey, with CruPress Green, tracked down the guide and posted it there for us. So I while I planned to write this tip on summer survival, I figured that I was too late for some of you whose campuses are already done for the year.

As I was preparing thoughts, I happened to receive an email from John Waidley, Ethnic Field Ministry Exec. Team. He shared some of his thinking about preparing new launched movements for summer survival. One particular principle stood out.

Water the roots- The roots of any new movement plant are the leaders. No matter what their formal role (ambassadors, full time or student leaders), these are the people doing the work of ministry, and these are the people you need to invest in and set up well for the summer.  Support them through coaching (or being sure they are coached) encouraging them to gather with other leaders, visit and serve with them if possible, be intentional about the conversations you have with them this summer.  The roots are the key to the health of the whole tree.

Coaching your leaders is important throughout the year. But it is also important over the summer too. John had a link to the More Than a Summer Survival guide and two other resources, Year One—Ending Well and Planning the Campus Year.

Why not consider posting the summer survival guide on your blog or campus website and stay connected to your leaders over the summer.


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