Bringing Christ into Conversation

As we get closer to the end of the campus year, it becomes harder to catch time with our students. They get busy and you’re busy wrapping things up and planning for your summer assignment.

But ministry still happens. Students are still hungry for Christ, no matter how busy they are. We still encourage our students to share Christ as a way of life. Ministry isn’t just something we put in our schedule to do in certain blocks of time. It happens as an overflow of who we are.

Here are a two easy ways your students can reach out to others when they don’t have time to schedule evangelistic appointments.

  1. Raise the Flag. This is simply telling someone that personal faith is important to you. An example: You’re talking to a friend and they say they are stressed about all they have to do. You say something like, “I have found that praying to Jesus Christ helps me to keep it all in perspective.” It tells them something about you and you can see how they respond to that statement.
  2. Ask a “Sometime” question. This comes from the CoJourner’s Equipment Pack. Guide. # 3.2 Embarking Together. “Asking to do something sometime (as opposed to right now) takes pressure off the moment. A positive answer expresses openness. Set up a time to talk over coffee or lunch. The prearranged time provides an ideal setting to talk. Both parties know the topic of discussion, so there is no awkwardness about bringing it up.” An example: “Sometime, can I share with you how Jesus Christ has made a difference in my life?”

Speaking of stress, why not consider emailing to your friends or liking the article “Coping with College Stress” on As always, is a great place to encourage others to see the difference Christ can make. Who knows, after reading this article, they might just take a study break and poke around the categories at the top of the page, God’s Existence, Life’s Questions, Sex/Relationships, Knowing God, Q&A and Videos.


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