Before “Titanic“, there was the 1957 film “A Night to Remember“. As a kid growing up, I was fascinated by the Titanic story when I first watched “A Night to Remember” on TV.

No doubt you know that next Sunday, April 15th, is the 100th year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. James Cameron has released his epic in 3D, 15 years after his blockbuster first hit theaters. For history buffs, National Geographic channel has a special on the story and it is featured in the most recent magazine edition.

Craig Seibert, Priority Associates, Charlotte, NC, says that Titanic is the third most popular topic in history behind Jesus Christ and the Civil War. As, perhaps the first news event to be broadcast around the world as it was happening, Titanic has captivated people’s interest and imagination for a hundred years. Craig and his team have created a series of webinars on YouTube. They intend for them to be informative and thought provoking. I watched several of them.

One in particular, Titanic 100 year Anniversary Pt. 10 — John Harper – God’s Man to the Last, was the inspiring story of a pastor on board the ship. It is a great story of the difference that Christ makes in the life of a believer. This eight minute video tells how Harper lived out his faith until his very last breath.

There isn’t much time left for most of our ministries this semester. But the Harper story is worth passing on to your students. It is good to remember that, while the world is watching one story, God honors a very different story. We should be encouraged that our selfless acts and service done in obscurity are not forgotten by the Lord. May He give us the courage and strength to live for Him every day.

If you are interested, here is the whole Titanic 100 year Anniversary series:


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