Planning now for next year

It was Spring Break last week for public schools in Orlando. I talked with three friends doing college visits. Although the school year isn’t over yet, they are planning now for next year. Two of them have major decisions to make this month.

In the same way, you and your volunteer and student leaders need to think about next year, even before this school year has ended. You want to be thinking about which leaders you can count on returning next year. But there are other matters that you should take care of now to hit the ground running next August.

Generally, it is easy to plan this on your main campus. I happened to have lunch with a former 15 year MTL last week. He shared how he wished he could have done more with a fledgeling volunteer-led movement on a campus an hour an a half away. But preoccupation with his own campus made it difficult. This is one of those tips that you could pass on to the leaders of movements where you aren’t mainly focused. Simply cut and paste what’s relevant and forward it to those leaders.

Planning now for next year

1. What is God calling our leaders to?

  • Why not take them through the “Transforming Movements” article. Use the discussion questions on the last page to guide your discussion.

2.  How are we doing?

  • It’s good to evaluate how things went this year. Evaluating Your Ministry has great questions to consider as you look at the health of your movement and where you want to go.

3. Planning.

  • Finally, in preparation for the fall, look at the “First 6 Weeks“. This will help to specifically plan for the most critical time of the year. There is also a First Six Weeks zip file with several resources referred to in the article, including questionnaires to meet interested freshmen and doing publicity on campus so students can find you.
  • Planning The Campus Year offers help and a map for the entire year.
  • Think about your first weekly meeting and the first party to help new students build relationships.
  • Consider if you need to do anything to be sure your status as a club on campus stays current?
  • Plan to have a time to train everyone to use the “Knowing God Personally” booklet, Soularium and the Perspective cards.

My boys ran track in high school. I always liked watching the relays during meets. The baton handoff from runner to runner is the most important part of any relay. If the baton is dropped, the team is disqualified, or, at the least, looses precious seconds and momentum. The next runner to receive the baton begins running before they have the baton in hand. They must keep in mind both what is happening with the runner handing off and the race in front of them.

This is such an apt metaphor for transitioning leadership. They watch the current leadership and begin to plan for when it’s their turn. Let’s help that baton pass go well.


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