Sending our Seniors made Easy

Our Student LINC team recently met with the 100%Sent team to learn about opportunities for graduating seniors from our movements. They shared about four featured partnerships, Student Venture, Cru in the City, Apartment Life and the Exponential Church Plant Network. What they presented was so helpful that I wanted to pass it on to you. In talking about this tip with Greg Clemens, Director of Web Applications, he mentioned an email he just sent to one region. He said it much better than I would have.

Read on to hear Greg’s heart about not sending out our seniors alone, how to find “The 5 Things for Juniors and Seniors” and these four partnerships that make connecting our seniors to great ministry opportunities easy.

Over the next couple of months you’ll be saying your goodbyes to your seniors.  It’s always a bittersweet time.  You’ll miss them and they’ll miss you.  You’ve spent many years loving on them, pointing them to Christ and equipping them to be lifetime laborers.

With that in mind, as you send them, let’s help set them up for success by not sending them out alone.  We would never send our stinters, new staff or interns out alone, so let’s not do that with those grads who have a different calling.

Here’s how you can do it easily.  Assuming you’ve gone through “The 5 Things for Juniors and Seniors” conversation piece, and they see their need for a group of like-minded friends to help them stay on mission, here’s what you can do next.

  1. Have them go to to register.  It was designed to help you mobilize your grads easily.  (We’ve made some major improvements to the site recently.  If you haven’t been lately, go check it out again.  It’s much easier to get started and find the things you need more quickly.  Plus, your grads can now login with their Facebook account.)
  2. On the home page there is a box below the map that says, “Local Search”.  Type in the city they’re moving to and select a ministry interest(s) and click “Find”. You could show them how to do this during a Bible study.
  3. That will take them to a list of teams matching that criteria.  Click on any of those teams to learn more and/or write the leader of that team.  If they want to join the team, they simply click “request to join”.  The team leader will get back to them and tell them their next steps for involvement.

That’s it.  It’s that simple for them to find like-minded friends in the cities they’re moving to.  If you want more training, this short 4 1/2 minute video explains how to do all this. It will even show you how to do the search for your grads and then share those opportunities using Facebook.

We are particularly excited about some of our featured partnerships: Student Venture, Cru in the City, Apartment Life and the Exponential Church Plant Network.  When you click on each of these, you will be taken to a pdf describing their ministry, how to connect with them and how the 5 Things are experienced there.  These are great pieces to give to your graduating seniors.


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