Student-Led Movements, Part 2

A month ago, I shared some thoughts on Student-Led Movements. I have received lots of email about that topic since then. One that came my way, you may have seen. It is from a student leader on a campus in the Philippines. It had been a staff-led movement (they called them “Base Campus”). But the staff are leaving and asking the students to take over.

I have included the whole document here. Do read it. It is a fascinating read. As you read, notice her enthusiasm. Also notice how her faith is growing in this transition. Some terms and events may differ, but we want our students to have this same kind of confidence in God using them to build movements of winning, building and sending. Enjoy!

Moving from staff-led to student-led…
from a student’s prospective.

Taking the Steps of your Calling
January 21-22, 2012

“Next School Year(2012-2013), CPU-CCC will be a Catalytic Campus and a Student-Led Movement.” That was the direction or should I say ‘Breaking News’ that ultimately caught me by surprise me at the beginning of the New Year right after our Christmas Vacation.
I was aware that our goal was to be a Student-Led Movement but, I did not know it was this soon! CPU-CCC being a Base Campus and a Staff-Led Movement for a very long time, many were accustomed to the Base Campus Strategy and used to seeing the CCC Staff lead the campus. Another shock was that I can’t help but realize that after many many years that CCC has been in CPU, the LORD has chosen the Generation of Student Leaders that I AM IN to help CPU transition from a Staff-Led Movement to a Student-Led Movement! It has never been done before!

Jitters of excitement and fear went through my spine as I reflected upon these thoughts. What an opportunity! I would ask the Lord, “Father, who am I… that I may be part of this great plan?” Sometimes I myself can become dependent on the CCC Staff in my campus but the Lord was really teaching me all throughout to be Independently Dependent on Him after my 1st Discipler was re-assigned to another Campus. Instead for yearning for a Discipler to always be there for me 24/7, I yearned for The LORD to help me.

Seeing the Catalytic Campuses all around the Philippines having a chain of leaders being led by Students themselves was so encouraging! One person said, “It is indeed different if the Students would own the movement that the LORD has started in their heart.” But yes, the staff will still visit us to often check on us and serve as our guides and mentors. I entered CPU-CCC seeing it as a Base Campus with the staff stationed in CPU and carrying the passion to lead the students.

This coming school year, the Staff will not anymore be stationed on CPU but they will help open up and build more Catalytic Campuses around Iloilo City. To some, it will be a challenge due to the close ties we have with the Staff but we do trust God that this direction is from Him and I Trust Him that He will lead us in foreign waters. It has become my vision as well that the students in my generation and the next would lead, passionately serving God and continuing to do so for a lifetime.

On the 1st week of January, Movers & Multipliers were gathered in our Mn’M’s Summit, we had a lot of discussions about CPU-CCC being a Student-Led Movement instead of Staff-Led. It was the Hot Topic for two days. We evaluated the movement in CPU and I was really glad to see that the younger generations(1st & 2nd Year movers/multipliers) get themselves involved in these discussions as well! We are really hopeful that God would continue to raise more faithful men & women in our campus and in our city.

After the Midterm Exam week we had the another Ultimate Exam. The Staff had to go for a much needed Staff Retreat in Cagayan De Oro leaving the Student Leaders in-charge to do a Campus New Life Training (CNLTC), a training consisting Basic & Intermediate Levels and we invited other campuses with CCC involved students or KVs [Key Volunteers] to join the training. We entitled it “Start Here: Taking the Steps of your Calling” because we believe that when a KV commits to the call of the Lord, the journey and adventure with the Lord should never stop but should always be started and it starts with Looking upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Jonah K. T. Jala was the in-charge coordinator of the whole training and she delegated responsinilites to the rest of the manpower(core leaders and movers). This info was already given before the New Year but tackling it with just a text-and-call-guidance from the staff miles away was easier said than going through it. We have experienced doing a CNLTC with most of the manpower and teachers were students but this was different a challenge and a lesson to learn for all of us because it was the first time the Full-Time Staff were not physically present for us to run to in a CNLTC Event.

I was given the task of doing the promotion, nametags, food for the training, and teaching the seminar 1 of the Basic Training. I frequently had to communicate with our coordinator because it was my 1st time doing the Promotion and the Food responsibility. And I appreciated it that we put into action the idea that we would handle different team roles to be able to grow in those different areas (like prayer, promotion, training, checkout) and not always stick to one person doing the same role all the time. In the past I had always been assigned in the Prayer area, I learned and grew in the area of prayer. I appreciated the wisdom that the Lord has given Jonah in delegating the responsibilities.

She assigned me to the Food and Promotion area during this recent CNLTC. I used to do many PhotoShop Digital Artworks back in High School and I did enjoy it! I was glad that I had been given the opportunity to use my art skills in this CNLTC! I was assigned to design the banner, the calendar give-aways and the trainee’s name-tags. I do admit that my time-management ability was greatly tested and my trust in the Lord for strength, faith and wisdom was stretched. At first I did not know what to do, but I do praise God that He was the one who gave me the desire not give up, despite the remaining exams, and the lack of ideas.

I worked with Ziane in the Food Area and it was also my first time to do the Food for training. I encountered and took note of my errors. Each of the manpowers had challenges in their tasks, but it was indeed nice to see my fellow student teammates during the training leading and serving side-by-side in these areas, whether it may be in the prayer area, registration, finance, training, food and etc.

Witnessing them serving the Lord with complete zeal made me suddenly realized that I am picturing the Student Led-Movement emerging. I know that Lord was preparing us and this event was one proof that the Lord told us that we CAN be ready to be Catalytic next School Year(June 2012)!

Wow, I praise God that it took the CNLTC Training to convince me that we are ready despite the challenges… I know that there are still more trainings and other milestones to come in the CPU-CCC ministry, so I do invite you to pray for us here as we Transition from Base Campus to Catalytic Ministry.

As the Lord reigns in the Heavens, His faithfulness never fails to develop more student leaders after God’s own heart in and beyond our campus walls.

To God be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

For further thought:
Since the focus was on Student-Led Movements overseas, here is another look at Student-Led Catch-Cries by my friend, Cam Fletcher, in Australia.


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