Leadership Summit

You are probably right in the thick of the Spring semester. But I want to encourage you to think about planning for the start of next year. Many campuses and teams do some kind of a campus planning retreat during the Spring. It is then that they transition to new leaders for next year and make plans to hit the ground running the moment freshmen arrive on campus.

Eric and Liz Hiett shared with me some of what they do at their Spring Leadership Summit. Last May, a dozen campuses attended from the Central West Oval in California. Their summit is one of the few times they get all their student and volunteer leaders together. It is during that time that they can impart the vision of reaching every student on each campus and provide the resources to help them accomplish that.

The summit helps create synergy. Leaders get to hear and learn from leaders on other campuses. Each campus brings a computer so that they can write their plans.

Last year, their Friday night and Saturday summit included these topics.

  1. Vision–Freshman Group
  2. Prayer— ACTS and Spirit-Filled life
  3. Strategies for Contacts— Discover: How, When and Where and How to obtain contacts from Facebook
  4. Follow-up of Contacts— Evangelism and How to challenge to a small group
  5. Small Groups— Content (Essentials) and How to lead a small group
  6. Selection for Discipleship— How to Disciple
  7. Cycles of Momentum— Purpose of Fall Retreat / Winter Conference and Spring Outreach and Options

Some of the resources leaders were given included:


  • Evaluating the Direction of My Movement
  • An Honest Evaluation of Your Ministry


  • Ministries and Movements
  • Comparing Ministries and Movements
  • From Ministry to Movement


  • Prayer, Win, Build Evaluation Questions
  • Win, Build, Send – The DNA of Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Going From Launching to Building Reproducing Movements
  • Goals of a Movement: Reach Every Student


  • A Biblical Motivation For Sending
  • The Mission: A Bible Study on Sending
  • Send Model
  • Your Team and Its Sending


  • Utilizing Cycles of Momentum in Building a Movement
  • Cycle of Momentum Work Sheet
  • Cycles of Momentum


  • Organize a Leadership Team of Students and Volunteers
  • Building a Student Leadership Team is Essential to a Movement
  • Delegating Responsibility: Student Leaders Involving Others in Ministry
  • Missional Teams
  • Missional Team Leader/Member
  • Leadership Challenge

I love this. It creates for the student and volunteer leader a sense of ownership and how significant they are to the mission. We must learn how to instill such confidence if we are to see movements happen in places where we aren’t today.


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