Evangelism Strategies and Resources

When coaching student, faculty and volunteer leaders, we want to help them think through our priorities. Naturally, one of those is evangelism. Our Student LINC and Coaching Center teams recently sat down with the Campus R&D team to hear what they are working on to help us share our faith more effectively.

They gave us their “2012 Guide to Strategic Evangelism.” Some of what follows comes from that piece. So, as you coach your leaders in evangelism effectiveness…

1.  Help them assess their current reality.

“As we launch and build movement embedded with our Win-Build-Send DNA, our vision is to see truly “evangelistic movements,” not just “movements that do evangelism.” But what is an evangelistic movement? How would you know if you had one? And, more to the point, how are we currently doing in building one?”

Check out “Evangelistic Movements – An Outcome Based Assessment” to determine how your movements are doing.

2.  Make sure they know their strategic assets.

“Knowing what is in the toolbox is important when searching for the right tool for the right job. The same is true when developing an evangelism action plan. Cru’s toolbox continues to grow fuller with innovative methods and usable resources. Many of these can be explored and accessed through CruPress Green. (Choose “Evangelism” in the “Resource Center”.) But to make it easy to get your mental arms around the breadth of our strategic assets, download and discuss with your MTLs the updated “Gospel 4ALL: Evangelism Strategies & Resources” document.”

Here is one of the many strategies and resources listed:

Soularium Equipping Videos

Soularium has become a favorite resource, sparking spiritual conversations on campuses across the U.S. and around the world. But its effectiveness can be increased if its dialogue paradigm is properly understood. Two new equipping videos (created in animation) are now available to help students (and staff) better understand and utilize Soularium. For the beginning user, Video 1: “Getting Started” explains the heart behind (as well as the nuts and bolts of) a Soularium dialogue. Video 2: “Going Deeper” addresses the number one expressed need of current Soularium users; it gives practical steps for making the transition beyond the 5 questions into further gospel conversations.  The Soularium videos are available in the video section of CruPress Green.”

Let me encourage you to email the “Gospel 4ALL: Evangelism Strategies & Resources” document to your leaders. As you coach them, have them open it online. The hot links in the article will take them to the various resources.


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