Volunteer application process

Back in November, the Student LINC team co-hosted a Distance Coaching Roundtable. The South Texas team was well represented. I had a chance to visit with MTL’s, Salena Allen and Erin O’Brien, about what they are experiencing in seeking to reach the 30 campuses in their scope.

Erin shared with the group how he and their team raise up volunteers to launch and lead movements throughout the south Texas area. With five multiplying and five launched movements and key contacts for four others, they focus on distributing leadership to student and volunteer leaders.

Sal shared with me more about the specific tools they use in distributing ownership. After the roundtable, she emailed me two. One was the Volunteer Application that many movements have used over the years. The other was a two page Leadership Contract, that includes a challenge, description of Biblical Leadership and covenant. Sal explained that these help them to be clear on what they are asking of leaders and what they can expect.

I know how easy it is to want to move ahead with the first people expressing interest, especially on campuses that might be distant. But it is important to have a qualifying process. That process is not only a valuable thing for you, because it can save you from working with the wrong people, but it is a valuable thing for the prospective volunteer leader. It helps them consider before the Lord what He is calling them to do. That can be a very confirming process for them.

From my vantage point, I often hear Brian Hudkins, Forerunner, tell others interested in launching a movement on their campus to read through specific articles before filling out the Volunteer Application. He asks them to read the first five files on the CruPress Green Starter Kit page. The sixth file is the application. If you are talking to students about launching on another campus or in another community, why not take them to this page.

For further thought:
Prospective leaders usually come from involved students. Ben Rivera has some great ideas for finding new people.


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