Education Majors Summer Project

Do you have education majors involved in your movement?
Do you have graduating seniors intending to teach in a middle or high school?
Did you know that our ministry has an Education Majors Summer Project?

Almost all of us have students involved in our movements whose passion is to work with teenagers. Many of them will become teachers. In fact, I was surprised to learn that 6400 students in our CRS database listed education as a major.

One way those future teachers can connect their future vocation to ministry opportunities is to participate in Student Venture’s Education Majors Project.

When we think about our 100% Sent efforts, one very tangible way to get traction is to connect your education majors to the Education Majors (EMP) Summer Project listed in our list of projects. They will have a great experience connecting with high school students in a project environment. They will also connect with Student Venture who will be able to provide ongoing coaching and resourcing when they land a teaching position in the fall.

This project in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is designed to help future teachers learn how to impact students for Christ. Through three days of workshops they will learn what is possible, what is legal, and what is realistic for ministry as a teacher. They will have the opportunity to disciple a group of students and facilitate ministry training with students as they staff the Getaway, Student Venture’s summer conference. A second project is being added for the Rocky Mountain Getaway in Estes Park in Colorado.

Because of EMP, Camille, an EL ED major at Western Oregon University said, “I learned that my faith does not have to be hidden from my students.” Ryan McSherry, from the University of Illinois, wrote, “Contrary to what most people think there is actually a lot you can do with your faith in line with rules/the Constitution.”

Alex Kolbo, from the University of Nebraska, told Project Director, Scott Livermore, “EMP does a great job of having a well rounded learning/growing experience, from having interactive conversations with people who have had great ministries in schools, to engaging and informative presentations on important topics for future teachers, to even real life experience with leading H.S. students at Student Venture Getaway.”

Ryan was asked what he would tell someone about EMP. He said, “I would tell them to pray about their upcoming summer and if a longer project does not seem like His will then they should seriously consider the EMP. Even if their parents have concerns and there are other things holding them back, God is so much bigger than that and can do a lot in 10 days!”

The Education Majors Project is a great way for someone with Kingdom Vision to connect with a Team that will provide Ongoing Equipping and Coaching and to help them develop a Plan to reach high school students. Incidentally, many of those high school students just might find their way into our ministries on our college campuses.


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