I have been a part of a little cohort of staff working on a way to encourage students to reach out to their professors on campus. Sounds like a rather intimidating thought. But as different ones of us talked with students on projects this summer, the idea was embraced whole-heartedly. We call it…


Some of the thinking behind this idea:

“What might change on campus if we were known, and experienced by others, as the “grateful ones”? Think about the difference it would make in your professor’s life if, rather than “giving professors what they deserve” on, we, instead, took the time to encourage a professor by saying “Thank you.”?

“If you want to see the countenance of your professor change, tell her that you appreciate what a good job she did that day… or stop by her office to say “Thank you.” By the simple act of saying “Thank you.” a Christ-following student can make a great statement about their God.

“There are really two different facets to saying “Thank you.” to your professors. The first is, God wants Christ-followers to be grateful, whether they are in class or not. The second is, God has put you in your professors’ lives for His purposes. Just think: you are God’s ambassador in each of your classes! In communicating gratitude and respect, and by taking an interest in your professor, you are actually being the “aroma” of God in your professors’ lives! (2 Corinthians  2:14-15).”

Here is a video from Rick Hove, Executive Director of Faculty Commons, sharing his heart behind Thank-A-Prof.

During the week of November 7-11, we’re going to make an effort to “Thank-A-Prof” all over the country. It’ll be simple, maybe not easy, but it’ll for sure make a difference in your professor’s life.

The first thing you can do is become a fan of Thank-A-Prof on Facebook and “Like” it. On the Info page is a list of ways you can show gratitude. They will keep in touch and remind you when November starts getting close.

Next week I will do a follow up to this and give some ideas for a countdown leading up to that first week of November.

Here is what I like about this. An attitude of gratitude is in keeping with who we should be as Christians. We of all people have the most to be grateful for.

If we are filled with the Holy Spirit, thankfulness will be a natural result. We are not talking about strategy or plans. Thanksgiving is simply an overflow of who we are as believers. We live in a fractured world. Nothing in our culture encourages thankfulness. That’s why a grateful person stands out in a crowd.


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