Coaching to Shepherd

In last week’s tip, I mentioned that our ministry “values both results and personal growth. We coach our leaders to strategy, the work of the ministry, and to shepherd, focusing on the heart of the leader.” The topic “7 Touches in 7 Days” spoke to strategy.

In this tip, I want to share some of the work done by the team who developed the “Coaching to Shepherd” tool. Using the “cycles of momentum” they identified common and predictable emotions that teams experience throughout the year. They categorized their work by
1. Typical emotions experienced,
2. Possible root issues, and
3. Resources and responses.

Their tool listed emotions, roots and resources for every month of the campus year. I am summarizing those for August and September.

Possible emotions experienced.
In August and September, teams are gearing up. They often feel the weight of having to make everything happen. They are excited about the possibilities, but sometimes battle not having it all together. They carry the load of helping connect others relationally to the movements. Sometimes they can feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster. We know that the first few weeks set the tone for the year and that creates pressure. Maybe they begin to notice a lack of margin or fatigue setting in. Can they keep up the pace?

Possible root issues.
It is easy to get busy and to find fulfillment from activity and results rather than from relationship with the Lord. Activity can replace trust in the Lord. They can struggle with letting go of control, seeing their limits and maintaining appropriate pace. If these issues continue, they can develop an inaccurate view of God and the role of our efforts. They can think it is all about self-effort and start to trust in their gifts, performance and strength. They can substitute authentic rest in God for simply vegging out. Are we getting alone time with God in September?

Responses and resources.
1. Dealing with the emotional rollar coaster.
Vision Leaks (Andy Stanley)
Motivating People from the Word.
Shepherding Your Team.
2. Lack of margin/connection with the Lord.
Schedule a day with the Lord for the team.
Lost Slice of the Heart (from Sacred Romance).
Ministry to the Lord by Watchman Nee.
3. Fatigue/exhaustion
Brokenness, What Revives the Heart (DeMoss).
Team Communication Questionnaire.
Choosing to Cheat (Andy Stanley)

The Coaching to Shepherd tool has not been published yet. But when it is, you will find it helpful with common matters of the heart that leaders wrestle with.


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