Ministry on Hurricane Days

As much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast cleans up after Hurricane Irene, school closings and power outages usually mean a lost day for ministry. It doesn’t have to.

Some time ago I overheard Brian Hudkins, Student LINC Forerunner, on a Skype call. His desk is right behind mine. When I heard what he was covering, I decided to eavesdrop. Then I realized that I should be taking notes on his conversation. He was talking about some really good stuff.

He loaded a page on The person he was talking with was able to see the page on his own computer.

“Do you see this?” he asked. He clicked onto the Spiritual Starter kit and explained the emails and the follow up process.

Then Brian told how some Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by his house one day. They talked about not believing in the Trinity. So then he said. “Let’s look at something.” He found something on EveryStudent about the nature of God and gave it to them. All during the conversation he made sure they understood how they got where they were on the site.

He told about a video clip. “Now you want to watch this before you recommend it. But these are really helpful.”

“You will want to bookmark this page.” 

“Now I am going to go to Google, real quick.” He showed them how to find CruPressGreen. “This site has a ton of resources. What do you want?” He typed something in the search box. “Let’s see what comes up. Weekly meeting posters. Let’s look at one.”

“You saw how I got there, right? Okay, now bookmark this page.”

“I want to help you see some of the resources that are available for your ministry.”

“Here is a cool resource. Perspective cards. This is my commercial. The cool thing about this resource is that it’s great for evangelism. It’s like a deck of cards. Now I am not going to do any tricks, but let me show you something. It helps you dialogue with people who have different views about God. Here is how that happens.”  He showed them six cards about the nature of God.

“Now let me go back to some other resources that will help you reach out on your campus.” He called attention to several and then made some recommendations.

“Now I would like to go back to the posters because that is what you guys talked about. Do you think these posters are what you are looking for?”

There was a long period of silence. I remember thinking that there was more than one person on that call. It turns out there were four! This was the newly formed leadership team and they were just getting started. They were picked because of their heart for evangelism and Brian was showing them how.

“Some time on another call let’s talk about what it would take to reach every person on your campus.”

So whether it is cleaning up after flooding or a enduring a blizzard next winter, we can still minister in significant ways even when roads are closed and school is not in session.


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