Finishing the Year Well

If you are like me, you probably have a fairly long list of things to do to wrap up the semester before heading into the summer.  Though not exhaustive, hopefully this will help as you transition from Spring into Summer.

Know what you need to do to hit the ground running in August.  

  • Possibly have a leadership retreat, but in any case, make sure leaders plan for the fall.
  • Find out the earliest possible time to connect with Freshmen.  Can you send something to all Freshmen?  If so, what needs to happen?

Celebrate what God has done this year.

  • Have an end of the year party.  I always enjoyed reading the Joshua 4:4-9 passage and placing a rock on the pile as students shared about what God did in their lives over the year.
  • Gets stats from your student leaders.  This is a tangible way to see how God has worked.

Send the students off to the summer on a solid footing.

For any students doing high school ministry, there are three articles for leaders on GoCampus.


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