Reasons people join us

Some time ago, then director of the Sending and Recruiting Team, Phil Stump, told me about some analysis his team did on why people join us.  Their reasons for coming on staff, or stinting or interning, fell into three categories:

  • One out of three join us because of a significant relationship with a staff member.  In other words, staff modeled something that others wanted for themselves.
  • One out of three join us because the organizational objectives of Campus Crusade for Christ match what they believe God is calling them to do.  Our emphasis on evangelism and discipleship is very compelling.
  • Finally, one out of three join us because they were already involved in doing ministry.  Ownership.  They were already leading in some way and wanted to do it full time.

Does that surprise you?  It did me at the time.  But this should actually give you a great deal of hope.

We are getting to the end of the time for this year’s decisions about joining staff or becoming an intern or stinter.  But as you think about installing new leaders into various leadership roles next year, consider how their vision will expand and how they will see God use them.  As they take on personal responsibility for reaching out to others, this will be as developmental for them as it is mission critical for your ministry.

Here are some resources to help you in developing future leaders.

If you think that staff are raised up only as you pour your life into students, you could easily get discouraged with all that you have going on.  But take heart.  God reveals His call upon lives as their own vision and sense of ownership for ministry grow.


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