Summer projects and music festivals

Summers can be a tremendous time of growth for our students.  Or they can be a time that is very difficult spiritually.  We all know how valuable summer projects are for building faith and expanding our vision for how God works.  The Hampton Beach Project between my junior and senior years changed my life and put me on a path that included joining staff.  That project made all the difference for me in how I would live my life, what my career would be and has certainly impacted my marriage and family.

I was talking with Martha Langrill, Summer Project Coordinator, a couple of days ago.  2700 students have been accepted to projects so far this year.  But there are still hundreds of openings.  More on that in just a moment.

But, what happens to our students if they can’t have such a project experience?  Obviously, we want to help give them the best chance to grow over the summer.  For me, there was a youth group in another church where I got connected.  It was led by a family with long term ties to New Tribes Missions.  God used that in my life.  That group just happened to be there.  My CCC friends had little to do with connecting me to them.

However, we have more options today where we can steer students toward summer spiritual growth opportunities.  One of those are music festivals.  A cursory look on Google produced several options.  One site, Christian Festival Association, listed over 25 different festivals.

We have a partnership with Creation, the nation’s largest Christian music festival.  They put on four day events in Pennsylvania and Washington State.

  • June 29th – July 2nd.  Agape Farm, Mt. Union, PA.
  • July 20th – 23rd.  Enumclaw Expo Center, Enumclaw, WA.

Not only would they be stimulating for our students in their walks with the Lord, but it would be a great place to take friends that they have been sharing with over the summer.

Last year, CCC sent someone to both festivals to gather the names of students interested in launching campus ministries.  Many of those have turned out to be great leaders and with strong launches.  We will do that again this year.

Now here are a few project openings Martha sent me.

  • Female project openings:  Impact: Music project; Medical Health Student project; Snowridge Urban youth camp; Togo, West Africa; Walt Disney World.  And on US Projects:  Boston Operations, Chicago/Denver/Milwaukee Inner City, Destino Trek (Texas) 1 week, Daytona Beach Leadership project (1 week), Grand Traverse Bay (Michigan), Epic: San Francisco (California).
  • Male project openings:  Almost EVERY SP has openings for men, including Alaska: Juneau; East Asia; Impact: iMan project; Summer in the City – Chicago; Ocean City, Maryland, Bridges South Asia Trek (# of openings?), Destino: Dominican Republic, Epic: East Asia and Southeast Asia, Greece, Guatemala: Valor, Haiti Summer Project, Italy, JESUS film (multiple 1-2 week locations), South Africa (all locations), Venezuela,Boston Operations (Massachusetts), Chicago/Denver/Milwaukee Inner City, Foot of the Rockies (Colorado), Grand Traverse Bay (Michigan), Jackson Hole (Wyoming), Lake Tahoe (California), New York Tribeca (Arts, Campus or Bridges), Santa Cruz (California), San Diego Legacy (2 week project), San Diego Adventure (1 week project), Wildwood (New Jersey), Virginia Beach (Virginia).

For our youngest son, Tom, Spring Break ended today and he went back to campus.  While the last half of the semester will be busy for our students, these next several weeks are key in helping set them up for a summer of spiritual growth.   We can set the direction for them over the summer as well as set the course of our ministries next fall.


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