Diskypleship Part 2

On Monday morning, I sent out a tip on “Diskypleship”.  Here is a part two to the tip.  You may wonder how this idea would work with various audiences.  A friend of mine working with South Asians students in Chicago, replied to that tip to tell how this was working with his South Asian network in the region.  I think you will find this very interesting.

Thanks for the discussion about diskypleship. I think that the use of technology is a such a win for effect ministry. And I have found it especially true for ethnic field ministry.

I am serving as the MTL for the SALT Movement | South Asians Living Transformed, our EFM strategy for reaching out to second generation South Asian students. I live in Chicago and work with students locally. This school year, I also began coaching student leaders of new SALT Movements from other parts of our region on a weekly basis. To do this I naturally turned to Skype. Now I have coaching appointments with five student leaders at campuses in all four states in our region! And I do this every week! I am providing contextualized coaching, and local CCC staff are discipling them.

The appointments on Skype have been rich and meaningful. Let me tell you about the last set of appointments I have had with my student leaders. And remember, I’m in Chicago. On Monday I meet with students at a campus about an hour and twenty minutes away from me, NIU (IL). We had a time of worshipping and thanking God and praying for their campus. On Thursday, a student leader at Purdue (IN) and I worked through the strategic planning process. She will continue working on it and show it to me next week. Also on Thursday, I met with the student pioneering a new SALT Movement at OSU (OH); we talked about how she can best represent the contextualized movement to the larger Cru movement on campus. And on Friday, I meet with the student leadership team for the SALT Movement at U of M (MI) and talked about what they will say at the SALT conference when they share about their experiences in launching a movement. (The SALT 2011 conference is aimed at developing students to reach the second generation South Asian community with the Gospel. It’s Feb. 11-12 in Chicagoland.)

Our conversations are very natural and I don’t feel like we are miles apart. One time one of my students even pretended to give me a punch.

Another bonus about meeting this way is that I can easily take notes about my conversations with them since I’m already sitting at my computer. I have written down their responses to the questions I ask, thoughts about issues they bring up, reminders to myself about things I have agreed to send them, and things about which I can pray for them.

This is one more innovative way to reach all the students that God would have us touch.


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