Spiritual Adventure Pack

When I was in high school, I considered myself an atheist.  In ninth grade I first realized that I didn’t believe in God, that Jesus Christ died for our sins or that the Bible was God’s Word.  But all my friends did.  Off and on for the next four years, we discussed matters of faith.  I’m sure I frustrated their efforts to convince me of the truth of the Gospel.  It was a surprise to many of them when I placed my faith in Christ during my freshman year of college.

Coming to Christ was a process for me, as it is for most.  Marilyn Adamson, Director of EveryStudent.com and StartingwithGod.com, just completed something she calls “The Spiritual Adventure Pack”,  designed to engage unbelievers in such a process.  Here is how she describes it:

“What if you could meet with an unbeliever seven times, and have deep discussions about God each time? In essence, that’s what we’re now offering on EveryStudent.com. And I’m super excited about it!

“It’s so amazing that we could talk over time with an unbeliever, AND they asked us to do so!!!

“The Spiritual Adventure Pack” – a free, 7-part email series. You’ll see an icon for it in the right-hand column of EveryStudent.com.

“An unbeliever enters their first name and email address. They get the first one right away, then the others are sent three days apart. That means over the course of three weeks, we’re talking with them about:

  • faith in God (how does one arrive at that?)
  • evidence for God’s existence
  • evidence against God
  • an explanation of God’s love
  • proof of Jesus’ deity
  • what it might be like to know God
  • and how they can begin a personal relationship with God.”

The first email in the series starts out like this:

When I was an atheist, there was nothing more mysterious to me than this: “Having faith in God.”

I wondered, how does a rational person even begin to believe in God?

Is it something that just happens to a person? Or brought on by a crisis where they’re forced to believe…they have no choice?

Or maybe it’s nothing that dramatic. Maybe some people just find it easy to believe in God, without needing much reason.

Problem was, I wasn’t one of those.

I am more of the analytical type, and I had a mound of questions that couldn’t be shoved aside.

How about you? Would you like to believe in God, maybe even have a personal connection with God…but you’re scared of being duped?

I was terrified of the possibility of moving toward God only to find out that nothing was there, and I had jumped to a laughable, must-fail falsehood.

No thanks.

Why did I even care?

Because I was impressed by a friend of mine who was consistently loving toward others, smart, and had a clear sense of purpose in life, all of which she attributed to God.

It made me wonder, “Could God be real?”

What I like about this is that I can have a conversation with someone and offer them something they can explore on their own.  The conversation can continue long after we said goodbye.  God doesn’t just work when we are sharing with them.  The Holy Spirit takes our words and thoughtful reflections such as these to create a longing for Him.

We hear that email is way down the list of preferred means of communication, but when Marilyn offered students an email series on “How to Talk about God”, 700 students signed up for it in the first two days.  By the way this gives them ways to use EveryStudent.com and Facebook in personal evangelism.  So don’t be afraid to point those you share with to the Spiritual Adventure Pack.  And why not pass this post on to your leaders as a way to further equip them to reach out to others.


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