Spiritual Conversations

One week ago an email was sent to the 3,500 alumni of the 2010 summer projects.  It read:

Can you believe 81,650 spiritual conversations were initiated during our 2010 summer projects?  People from South Africa to NYC to Japan heard the gospel through students like you.  Now, by God’s grace, we want to trust Him for something greater still.

This month, we are inviting you to step into a vision of 1 million conversations with 1 million people.   We are trusting God to lead us into 1 million conversations with our friends and families who do not yet know Christ.  Some of you may have already experienced how social media like Facebook creates an opening to talk about spiritual things – why not explore these openings?

We are dedicating the rest of November to open the door to spiritual conversations by sending our friends and families an article to read or an online survey to complete so we may engage with them over their thoughts. Let’s take this step of faith for a couple hours this week and see what God does!

Let me encourage you to read that email here.  Follow the link at the bottom of the page to “The InnerView” where the participant can Pray, Explore, Invite and Engage others in spiritual conversations.  Within the first three days, students told us about 800 spiritual conversations they had already initiated.

I asked Martha Langrill, formerly Detroit Metro MTL, and now Summer Projects Coordinator, to tell me more about “The InnerView”.  She said,

“this generation of students is so conditioned towards and comfortable with electronic communication, the InnerView project is a win for reaching our target audience and so many more.  Interactions that begin online can seamlessly transfer to face-to-face time.  We’re hopeful that through this experience, our students will gain a better sense for how to take real steps of faith to share their personal experience with Jesus in everyday life using something as mainstream as Facebook and Twitter.”

The website itself offers this perspective: “Because the relational connection is real, it doesn’t matter where people are geographically. We can engage them in substantial and meaningful conversation.”

Incidently, at the same time project alumni were hearing about this, a Coaching Report went out to 8000 Student Venture volunteers, parents and partners with Thanksgiving and Christmas outreach ideas.

I was intrigued that many see this as such a natural time of year for having spiritual conversations.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we didn’t just initiate conversations with those we know on campus, but that we could also salt conversations we will have with friends and family over Thanksgiving before we even get home.  Let us join together with many, many others in giving a reason for our hope.


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