New Developments

Influence.  We all long for it.  But how do we define it?  Or measure it?  Many of us base our influence on how well our last appointment went.  Not sure that is a fair way to assess influence.  Ask a mother of a toddle about that.  Her influence is measured very differently and with much longer standards.

Someone once said, “A leader is not defined by what they do, but by what others do because of what they do.”  That sure resonates with me.  Sometimes we may not see with our eyes what God is doing through us.

Marilyn Adamson, Director of and, offers great ideas for making it possible for you to extend your influence in a profound way.  She sent an email about some recent developments that I want to share with you.

There are two recent developments in, that God gave through ideas of others. God just seemed to say, “Here you go. Use this.”

1.  We started with evangelism ( Then focused on helping new believers grow ( And now we’re helping new believers tell others about Jesus, through a series we’re offering, “How to Talk about God.”

  • So we now have a complete loop of helping someone begin a relationship with Jesus, grow in it, pass it on to others.
  • (By the way, all of the sign-ups to these growth series are found on the right side of the home page of

2.  The second development is something YOU can use, which includes the above.

  • If you use Facebook, you can now drop all of and/or right into your Facebook page…making them tabs on your page.
  • The live, full site of comes up into your Facebook page when you click on the “God?” tab. And, all of comes up when you click on the “Grow” tab.
  • I’m going to tell you how to get these. One comment, first. Facebook only lets you have six tabs showing. So, when you add this, it might be hiding behind the >> or +. Just drag it over into the row of tabs, to make it one of your visible tabs.
  • For, go here: Click “Add to profile”
  • For, go here: Click “Add to profile”
  • (Feel free to share these with others!)
  • Also, please feel free to sign up for any of the series, and encourage others you are ministering to, to do the same.


Do you get Marilyn’s emails?  If not, I hope you sign up for them.  I clicked onto both Facebook apps she listed above.  It was easy and only took moments.  May God open doors for even greater opportunities for us to make Christ known.


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