Bringing more leaders to your best events

You have a fall conference coming up.  You have put a lot of work into it so that your students who attend will get the most out of it.  Their vision will expand.  They will get training.  And they will connect with your best people and opportunities.  The old dictum that “God does as much in the life of a student in that one weekend as He does in a semester of one on one discipleship.” still rings true.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could get some potential leaders to attend your fall conference from campuses where you would like to start something.  They would get just as much out of that conference as the freshman on your main campus.  Plus they would get to know some of your student leaders and see the potential of how God might use them on their own campus.

Here is a simple process that will take very little work and not much money!

  1. Determine which campus(es) you would like to focus on.
  2. Check out My Campus His Call.  MCHC is designed to surface those interested in starting a ministry on their campus.
  3. Facebook ads bring those potential leaders to the site.  Email Pat at for access to the password protected page with the ads and instructions on how to place ads.
  4. Those Christian students with .edu addresses for your target campuses will receive the ads.  (Facebook targets those who indicate that they are Christian.)  Those who express interest in starting a ministry on their campus fill out a form on MCHC that will be directed to you.
  5. You invite them to your fall conference where they can see first hand what God could do through a life yielded to Him.

For $44, one region used the Facebook ad strategy to bring students on four campuses to MCHC.  Ads appeared 89,000 times to Facebook users.  90 visitors came to MCHC.  14 indicated interest in starting something on their campus and five became leaders.  The only time invested was what it took to place the Facebook ads and read the emails.  If you have questions about using MCHC, contact Dave at

For me it was the fall retreat during my sophomore year at Penn State where God cemented my involvement with Campus Crusade.  Let’s consider how we can get as many as possible to our conferences.  Then in a future tip, we will look at what we can do to coach those leaders on other campuses after they have been to a conference.


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