Jackie Price and her husband moved to La Crescent, Minnesota a few years ago when Dave took a United Methodist pastorate there.  Jackie serves with Student Venture.  Her desire was to start a ministry at La Crescent High School.  She did the things she knew to do—visit the campus, meet the administration, get to know students, do outreaches, follow up interested students, form groups, etc.

But one of the things that she did that was a bit out of the ordinary was to go across the river and meet with the campus ministry team at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  She met Katie Kiesler, a student in that movement who had a real desire to reach high school students.  Last year Katie started bringing some of her La Crosse friends along as she and Jackie went on the La Crescent HS campus.

As they saw doors open there, they started to think about relationships and connections with other high schools.  Over the summer, Katie and Jackie continued to meet to talk about growing their ministry.  Interestingly, Jackie’s role changed this summer when she and Dave moved three hours across Minnesota to take a different pastorate.  She is now coaching Katie and her team of twelve students over a distance.

Now, who are the volunteers here?  Jackie functioned as a volunteer with the LaCrosse team as she involved Katie and others in win/build/send opportunities.  Katie and her friends were volunteers in Jackie’s ministry to the high school.  Katie and the others are a volunteer team, a missional team formed by LaCrosse students, who want to touch the lives of high school students.  To hear more of Katie’s story and three other college students volunteering with Student Venture, check out this video by Jim Trewin.

Student Venture has roughly 300 volunteers helping in some capacity around the country.  That is about two volunteers to every staff person on campus.  Volunteers make it possible for them to reach far beyond what they could do with their available staff resources.

You know someone, an alum, a financial supporter, a friend from church, that has a heart to touch students in some way.  Why not consider this week who could be potential volunteers and the role that they could play.  If you could involve them in what you are doing, you will not only give them the joy of seeing God use them, but you will extend your reach beyond what you could do alone.


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