A new summer project experience

We all know that value of summer projects.  I really don’t think that I would not be on staff today if it weren’t for a summer project that I went on as a student.  I am sure that we all wish that every one of our students could have such a life changing experience.  Well, we are now one step closer.

There are students who cannot go on a project.  It might be because of money, or parental reasons, or required internships, etc.  Jenny Lang, Every Student Sent, and Eric Dellaire, Student LINC, are working on a project experience for those who will who are not going on a typical summer project.  Jenny explains it like this:

This year, Student LINC and Every Student Sent are partnering to launch a new summer opportunity for students who are unable to go on a traditional summer project. The Life@Work Expereince will be hosted in 3 cities around the country: Atlanta, Orlando, and Charlotte. This 8 week experience is targeting students who are interning in the city or heading back home to work for the summer.

One of the highlights of the experience is students will be given a marketplace mentor who has experience in living for Christ in their profession. Hopefully this man or woman is working in the same field as the student. They will connect with this person consistently over the summer.

We will also have a weekly small group time as well as weekly teaching. Here is a short list resources and some of what we will be covering over the summer:

  • Looking at what God’s word says about having a “kingdom” perspective
  • Tangible Kingdom primer
  • The 5 things for Alumni
  • Every Student Sent Biblical conversation pieces on Hebrews 10, Matt 20 and Matt 13 (also found on allcallings.com)
  • The 8 Habits of people inTransistion
  • Teaching on having a kingdom perspective
  • Live and Tell…how to use story to have spiritual conversations
  • Begin the process of writing a practical vision statement for our lives
  • Looking at practical ways this summer can translate to life back on campus. Are there small steps you can begin to take as you start moving forward on the vision God has given you?
  • Looking at what it means to have total life stewardship
  • Leaning what it looks like to bring Jesus into the work place every day

What we hope to do during our time together is challenge students in their faith and give practical training on what it means to live missionally in the marketplace. If you have any more questions or if you know of someone who would be interested in joining us contact us at the following locations:

Or email us at Eric.Dellaire@uscm.org or Jenny.Lang@uscm.org


If you have, say, a half dozen students in one location this summer and you would like to connect them to this virtual summer project through the weekly small group and teaching times, contact Eric Dellaire.  This would be a great way to keep your students engaged spiritually so that they come back to campus better able hit the ground running in the Fall.


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