“The 5 Things” in and out of college

If you are part of the US Campus Ministry, you should be familiar with the work that the Every Student Sent team is doing.  You probably have even been on the site, AllCallings.com.  They are helping us think about sending not just to staff, interns and STINT-ers, but as Kingdom-minded laborers into the marketplace and our communities.

Most of us tend to think that this occurs about this time of year with our graduating seniors.  But Adam Go and his University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Metro team are seeing this as much more.  They put together a piece that they can go through with all their students.  He told me that they wanted “something that was less about ‘our mission’ and more about an individual student’s personal walk and life with God.”

If you are familiar with “The 5 Things” that the ESS team talks about, Adam says they incorporate the five things after an explanation of our mission, vision, strategy and scope.  The second half of their piece reads:

That is our overall mission.  But what about you personally?

At some point, you became a Christian.  You have entered college for the next 2-5 years.  As a movement, we want to help this whole campus know Christ.  We want to invest our time here to make a difference, but we also want to use this time to prepare you for the next 40 years to be a ‘lifetime laborer of follower’ of Christ.  We care about your whole life!

So, what do you think someone would need to walk with God and make a difference for the rest of their lives?
Certainly, people need to be grounded in the Word, have a meaningful prayer life with God, and have others to encourage them in their faith.  We hope to provide that and more through things such as:

Small Group Bible Studies
Retreats and Conferences
Discipleship and Training Seminars

But, you know, only about 50% of college graduates actually continue to walk with God after college. Most likely, many of them knew how to be in the Word, to pray, or had good fellowship.  So, those things, while necessary, don’t always carry people through.

We have found that people who walk with God and make an impact for the Kingdom have five things in common.

The 5 Things
that help people live out their kingdom calling:

1-Kingdom Vision: Vision drives what we do.  What is your vision for how you can best contribute to God’s kingdom?
2-A Team: Who shares a common vision to make an impact for Christ?  The Greek word for fellowship (Koininia) has in it this idea of a group with a common purpose.
3-A Plan: It can be simple, but it needs to be doable. What are the next steps to fulfilling the vision you have for God?
4-OnGoing Equipping: Everyone needs continually equipping and training to make the biggest impact possible.
5-Coaching: Great wisdom comes from those who have gone ahead of you. Who can you ask that is just a few steps ahead of you in life and ministry?

Not only do we hope every graduate is able to have or find these things after college, but we aim to provide these things during your time in college, too!

As a student involved with our movement, we hope that you would take full advantage of the opportunities to grow in your walk with the Lord and to take steps of faith to help reach this campus.  We believe that as God empowers us, as we engage with these 5 Things, and as we stay committed to our mission and vision, that we will see God do great things!

Adam says those five things is a natural outflow of the ministry activities that we have been doing for years.


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