Launching movements

I was at a meeting last week with the Student Venture City Directors.  Barry Bowling our Houston director was giving an update.  He mentioned that our Coaching Center team had conducted a multiple movement training a couple of years ago and it have made a difference in how his team is now working and the impact they are having.

Houston is really spread out geographically.  I have no idea how many middle and high schools there are in Houston, but his small team had only scratched the surface.  Within two weeks after our training, one of the staff, Yaneth Diaz, launched two new high schools with volunteers on the inside.  Barry strongly encouraged her to coach those volunteers from a distance.  The next year, the volunteers from those schools took a couple dozen students to their FastBreak.  Yaneth now has a baby and she is still coaching those volunteers from a distance.  She recently wrote me to say:

Aldine High School I have been coaching for 2 years now and Westfield High School for a year.  I am really enjoying coaching a lot more than I thought I would, plus it is great to know that we can have different types of movements started without a staff being at the campus all the time.

Barry told us that they recently ran into a pastor’s wife leading a ministry in a local high school.  The Houston team helped them with an outreach one time and this group of 40-50 kids are now calling themselves Student Venture.  They want to go to this year’s FastBreak.  That pastor’s wife said she knew of others who were doing something on two other campuses.  Three campuses through one volunteer.

Now more than ever, Barry is convinced that there are people that God has prepared who want to make a difference for Christ on campuses they are not presently on.  He says that finding, equipping and leading volunteers is going to be the means to reaching the middle and high school students of Houston.

Some questions us to consider:

  • Do I believe that I have to reach the campuses in my scope that we are not presently on?
  • Or am I trusting God to be preparing a volunteer, a student, a faculty member who I can lead to reach their campus?
  • Am I actively looking for such persons of peace?
  • Do I know know the first steps to take to launch a ministry on any given campus?
  • Is launching in my schedule?

Two weeks ago, when I was in Pittsburgh, I mentioned an old article by Rick James, “Scope: Taking Possession of the Land.”   John Mathieu, an intern, broke in to say that he did not understand why that article was hidden so late in New Staff Development.  He thought it should be the first thing a new staff should read when they get to campus.  John, Yaneth and Barry are launching movements.


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