End of the Semester Checklist

If you are like me, you have a ton going on right now. You are still recruiting for the Christmas/Winter conference, thinking about Christmas outreaches and you want to end the semester well. You know you need to think about the Spring semester, Spring Break opportunities and talk to students about asking parents over break about going on a summer project. Oh, and you probably are working on your end of the year ask, doing Christmas cards and some shopping and parties…Gotta do the parties! So, how do you do it all?

My friend, Ben Rivera, Student LINC Consultant, sends out a weekly ministry tip to over 600 student and volunteer leaders around the country. His tips are always very practical and cut right to the meat of what needs to be done. So I went to an archive of his tips to see what he had talked about last year at this time. Your leaders can sign up for Ben’s ministry tips.

Here is a check list of his thoughts from some of those tips.

  • Christmas/Winter Conference.

    • http://godsquad.com/getinvolved/christmas.htm
    • Begin to finalize and encourage people to attend your regional Christmas conference.
    • Do some fund raising to help people go.
    • Arrange rides before you leave for home.
    • Exchange email and cell phone numbers.
  • Summer Project Opportunities

  • End the semester well

    • In your final end of year party on campus, take the time to praise God for what He has done this semester.
    • Begin now to plan with your leadership team for your Spring semester. The time will catch up to you quickly. Here are some things to think about:

      • Try to reserve the same room you met in this fall, for next Spring.  This will give you some consistency.
      • Reserve a place and the time (first week of classes) to do a campus wide survey. This is always a great start and helps you to meet new people.
      • Print off posters and flyers to advertise your weekly meetings so everyone on campus knows where you meet.
      • Plan a solid monthly evangelistic event each month.  This helps you to keep the gospel message as  an emphasis each month.
    • If you are graduating or transferring after this Spring semester, be sure to reproduce yourself into some one else’s life so the movement with continue when you’ve left.
  • Finally, be sure to have a regular devotional and prayer time during the break. Don’t let your walk with God run dry.

That last one is really important. You will want to prepare your students for the break and their time home. The advent season can be a very worshipful and celebratory time as we focus on the Christ’s coming on our behalf. But it can also be a time of letdown for many students if they go home to the rush rush or less than favorable family situations. For all of us, the time spent in the Word is vital.


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