Constitution for recognition

You participated in Cross 09.  You found a leader.  You launched a movement.  Perhaps you think that new movement should become a recognized student organization on campus.  If so, writing a constitution is typically part of that process.

Campus Crusade’s Office of the General Counsel recently posted some helpful information and a sample constitution on the Staff Web.   From their experience, problems registering as a student organization often stem from language in the constitution in the areas of membership and leadership requirements.  Their model constitution speaks to those concerns and they believe it has strong legal grounding.

Obviously, we want everyone to be welcome in our ministries.  But it is important for us to maintain leadership standards in keeping with our vision and beliefs.  It is also important for us to see consistency across our ministries.  The General Counsel’s model helps with that language.

On some campuses, recognition is not a big deal.  But for many, organizations cannot schedule rooms or put up posters unless they are approved.  Often the campus provides a constitution template in their recognition information.  You will also want to make sure you have included the requisite topics as you apply.


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