What to do after Cross 09

You have prayed for open doors.  You have made your plans.  You are going to initiate conversations with students or faculty in a different ethnic community during these next three days.  And you are trusting God to launch a movement.

On last week’s podcast from Sam Osterloh and the Cross 09 team, Anna Pratt offered some suggestions for what to do now that you have found a leader or you have some students who want to start a movement.

  • You don’t need to shoulder the responsibility for starting the movement.  Encourage the students to take the lead.
  • If you really connect with them, you may want to coach them yourself as they lead.  The Student LINC team in Orlando can offer coaching suggestions.  1-800-678-5462.
  • In any case, you will want to connect them to the particular strategy for more resources and upcoming opportunities.  There are “go to” folks for each strategy.

    • Bridges International: Linda.Woods@uscm.org
    • Destino: Jim.Sautner@uscm.org
    • Epic Movement: Darrin.Mabuni@uscm.org
    • Impact Movement: Scott.Crocker@uscm.org
    • KCCC: Bobby.Oh@uscm.org
    • Nations: Mike.Kelly@uscm.org

When you talk with any of these folks, they can let you know the extent of the coaching the strategy can offer you and/or your leader and you will want to let them know the level of participation you can have in the future.  You can find all this information, the podcasts and more here.

And now for something fun!  Stacie Fletcher and the Cross 09 team have put together some ways of passing on stories.  Basically, you can use whatever form of communication you prefer.

  • Leave a voicemail or text (321) 895-425.
  • Send an email to Godatwork@uscm.org.
  • Post to Facebook.
  • Upload to AllCallings.

They are offering a thank you gift to the first 5 stories submitted and everyone who submits a story will be entered in a drawing for an iPod touch.  They also have separate photo and video contests.  Categories are evangelism, location, movement launching, cross-cultural ministry and best overall.  Visit this contest page for more info.

You may recall what Sam Osterloh wrote in his Cross 09 email last week:

“Where did God find you? Who took the step of faith to tell you about Christ? They were loving you as Christ had loved them. Ask God to give you the ability to lovingly proclaim the gospel clearly.”

This is a faith venture.  We are anticipating what God will do in our own lives as well as raising up new movements.  Thanks to the Cross 09 team for all they have done to prepare us for these days.


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