How would you like to start a ministry on a campus where you have never been?  How would you like to do it for a fraction of the cost of a Freshman Survival Kit distribution?  How would you like to have a filtering process that works while you sleep?  Have you been looking at your scope and wondering how you would ever find those who have a heart for reaching their campus? may be just what you are looking for!

Dave Pritchett, Forerunner, SouthEast Region, and The Lab developed as a way to surface potential leaders for new movements in the same way surfaces those interested in exploring questions of faith.  Last Spring, I mentioned a field test of MyCampusHisCall that John Achilles, Forerunner, Red River Region, conducted in his region.  The results were encouraging.

John is again seeking to launch movements on four campuses this Fall.  Since he began, ads for MCHC have appeared 189,617 times on Facebook pages of students on those campuses. (Impressions.)  86 times someone clicked on MCHC.  3 submitted information indicating interest in starting a ministry on the four campuses.  Now here is the exciting thing: $44.88 was the total cost of the ads.  That is $0.52 per click or $14.96 per filtered contact.

Why not try your own test on a campus or two in your scope?  Let Dave know at so that contacts will be sent to you.  Placing ads on Facebook is just like doing it for  You can see possible options at The password is Forerunner!09.

MCHC will continue to develop.  An Epic version of the site will be coming soon.  A Faculty Commons version is also under consideration.  This will be so helpful in finding a long-term, indigenous volunteers, a necessary part of the critical mass for the consistent growth of new movements.


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