Beginning the campus year, Part 2

Last week, I shared some thoughts from Ethan Wiekamp in Nebraska about how he and his wife, Terah, get all the campuses they work with up and running.  These first few weeks in August and early September are so strategic in connecting incoming freshman and setting direction for the year ahead.  He had more ideas that I want to pass on to you.

Every year, they review an article by Eric Swanson on starting the school year.  Those main points are their focus when they call their students and when they follow up with their leadership teams.

But, in addition to starting up existing ministries, Ethan explained that they see this time of the year is also strategic in launching new movements.  He told me his priorities for launching new movements.

  • Private schools.  Private schools are smaller and students are more apt to be over-committed, so if we’re going to launch at a private school we try to get there ASAP.
  • 4-yr Public.  We’re going to be competing for their time; the competition isn’t as fierce as on a private, but definitely stronger than a community college.
  • Community Colleges.  There’s, generally, a lot less competition for 2-yr students’ time than 4-yr, so we’ve found that we can show up in mid September and it will be just as effective as showing up on the first day of class.  Also, we try not to launch students at a community college unless we’ve found volunteers from the community first.

In the coming weeks, we will talk more about launching movements in these tips.  I tend to look at movement launching and building in four broad areas: having a vision for launching and building movements, being equipped to launch and build, having the necessary tools and being intentional about launching.  With all that Ethan and Terah have going on, they still put launching into their schedules.  Let me encourage you to set aside some days to launch.

I am also going to be referring to resources found on a great equipping site called  Whether you are leading a staff team or a team of volunteers or students who want to reach others for Christ, you will find great resources in the areas of “Love the Lord”, “Lead Your Team”, “Line Up Resources” and “Launch and Build New Movements”.  Why not poke around and see what’s available.


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