Beginning the campus year, Part 1

Welcome to another year of Coaching Tips.  I look forward to passing on to you some great resources and strategies, as well as some great thinking from leaders who are making a difference.

Two of those leaders are Ethan and Terah Wiekamp in Nebraska.  They are responsible for 22 campus around the state that fall outside of UNL and the Omaha Metro area.  Their schools are as close as ten minutes away and as far as eight hours on the opposite side of the state.  They have the gamut in types of schools, four year public and private, community colleges, a Native American school on reservation and a dental school.  Last year they had launched ministries on all but one of their 22 campuses and had over 700 students involved.  So what do Ethan and Terah do to get all of those ministries up and running for the year?  Here is the plan that Ethan sent me last week

1.   Leaders.  The previous year we would show up and try to launch on all the un-launched campuses, usually with FSKs.  At the conclusion of that year we challenge students to form a leadership team, and ask them to fill out our leadership team application.  The application is intentionally concise.  One requirement is that they need to commit to coming to our CORE leadership team training in mid August.  (That’s where I’ll be next weekend!)

2.   The CORE.  This is our weekend training/kickoff to the year where we spend a weekend praying, planning, and covering the basics.  We pass out little booklets called the Passport which is our guide for the weekend (we have seminars and practical application sessions for each of the topics in the passport).

3.   Movements.  A second requirement from the leadership application is that each leader is committing to be involved in a movement.  We define a movement perhaps a little differently than most – and use another booklet, The Movement Launcher, to teach students to launch and lead one.  (You can download it at: or you can watch some videos of Terah and me explaining it at – click on students, then click on launchpad)  During the CORE we really try to drive the point home that our mission is to launch movements everywhere, and if each of the leaders was involved in a movement that grew and split during the course of the year – we would be ecstatic.

4.   Evaluate.  Having just spent a weekend with most of our leaders and leadership teams from across the state, we can next prioritize.  Generally speaking, this is our guide for deciding where to spend our time and energy during the first 2-3 weeks.

As you well know, getting 5, 10 or 20 movements up and running is a significant undertaking.  Like your own movements, the Wiekamps want each of theirs to have the most favorable start, gathering new students and setting a trajectory that will impact the campus.  Their CORE helps them do that.  Next week, I will share what Ethan listed as their priorities during the first few weeks and also where they want to focus their efforts in launching new movements.


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