“One polite person living his life right”

You may have seen the YouTube video, “Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible.”

Penn is one half of the rather colorful comedic duo, Penn and Teller.  Much has been made about Penn’s atheistic beliefs and he is still convinced that God does not exist.  But in this five minute clip, he tells about someone who came up to him after a show and gave him a Bible.  He relates how impressed he was with the fellow’s kind and authentic manner.  But he also shares how he does not respect Christians who do not “proselytize” others (Proselytize is his word).  He wonders how much a person must hate others not to share with them about heaven and hell.  Thought-provoking for us Christians.

Easter is coming up this week and with it the opportunity to share how the hope that we have is rooted in the historical event of the resurrection.  No one is reached if we are attempting to win the argument.  But as Penn says, “One polite person living his life right” can make a difference.  Right for Penn is being authentic and kind as we share our faith.

Last fall, our team read and discussed the book, unChristian, by David Kinnaman.    One of the staff on my team said that Penn’s comments reminded him about many of the themes in that book.  Just like Penn, the “outsider”, is looking for Christians to stand up for their beliefs, but in such a way that is Christ-like.  The power of a kind word will not go unnoticed.


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