Wouldn’t it be great if students contacted you about starting a Campus Crusade ministry?  How much easier would it be if they had already filtered themselves before they got to you?  Isn’t it great when someone comes along who is chomping at the bit, eager to make a difference for Christ?

Dave Pritchett, Forerunner for the SouthEast region, and The Lab in the NCO developed a website to surface students that God has prepared to start a ministry.  Think Facebook ads pointing to  Dave and The Lab developed Facebook ads to be able to target students on specific campuses.  On MyCampusHisCall, viewers can hear the story of Nick who started a Campus Crusade on his campus.

In the first field test of the ads and MyCampusHisCAll, John Achilles, Forerunner, Red River Region, ran Facebook ads on 11 campuses.  These were campuses where the region wanted to start new Cru movements.  During the test period over 700 visitors came to the site.  Four students surfaced who asked about starting a Campus Crusade movement.

Now since the test, Dave and John, along with Dan Hardaway, director of the Forerunner strategy, have decided to soften the language.  Rather than saying “How I started a Campus Crusade on my campus.” the language on the site now reads “How I started a community of faith on my campus.”   Dave says that this, “de-emphasizes the CCC label and focuses more on gathering other Christian students to worship and reach out to other students with the Gospel.”  The next step for Dave will be to gather a story of someone starting a Destino movement and develop corresponding Facebook ads.

Why not consider running some Facebook ads on some campuses where you have wanted to start something?  If you want to learn more, contact Dave at  He can show you the options for the ads, how to place them and what just a few dollars could possibly yield in getting a ministry started.


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