Passing the Baton

If you have not begun by now, you want to be thinking about which leaders you can count on returning next year.  Who can you ask to move into leadership?   The earlier you choose your leaders for next year the more they can prepare for their roles.  Here are some things to help in the transitioning process.

Transitioning to new leadership

1. What is God calling our leaders to?

  • Why not take them through the “Transformational Community” article.
  • Use the discussion questions,  to guide your study.
  • Ben Rivera’s Life Focus studies are a great way to look at the purpose passages of the Bible and think through how to develop a personal mission.   There is nothing like the personal interaction with God’s Word that these studies help foster.  You can either do the studies during your leadership meetings or have them do them on their own and then come prepared to discuss them.

2.  Developing personal vision.

3. Planning.

Yesterday, our youngest son, Tom, had his first high school track meet of the the season.  The relays are always exciting races.  I watched a team blow a lead and lose their race because they messed up the baton pass.  That handoff is the most important part of any relay.  If the baton is dropped, the team is disqualified, or, at the least, looses precious seconds and momentum.  The next runner to receive the baton gets themselves into position to receive it and then take off running.  They must keep in mind both what is happening with the runner handing off and the race in front of them.  This is such an apt metaphor of what we want to see happen in transitioning leadership.  They watch the current leadership to consider what and how to lead and they begin to plan for when it is their turn.  Let’s help that baton pass go well.


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