The Cornelius Principle

In last week’s tip, I talked about how Christ looked to go to other places even while things were happening at home.  You remember the “whole town was gathered at the door.”   He knew, and we know, that others also need to hear the gospel.  God honors faith in going to other places.  Here is where the “Cornelius Principle” comes into play.

In Acts 10, we see the story of Cornelius.  Peter was praying.  God gave him a vision of a sheet coming down from heaven with various animals on it, some clean and some unclean.  God told him that they were all clean.  At that very moment, Peter received a knock at the door with a request to come to Cornelius’s home, a Gentile home.  Earlier in the chapter we read about this God-fearing Cornelius, but Peter had know way of knowing what would transpire.  When he explained the Gospel, the whole household believed.  Peter came to see that God wanted those outside his community of faith to be saved also.  But the point here is that God had already worked in Cornelius’ heart before Peter ever showed up.  When he heard the message, he received it gladly.

Likewise, we believe that God has already prepared some on other campuses and in other cultural communities to receive the message we bring.  Some are prepared to receive Christ.  And some will have a desire to start a work of God in their community.

For example, Dave Pritchett, Forerunner, Southeast Region, developed a webpage, where students can learn about starting a ministry.  He also developed ads to put on Facebook to point to that page.  John Achilles, Forerunner, Red River Region, placed ads on Facebook for a dozen campuses.  There have been over 425 hits from those campuses the first week.  God cares more about seeing ministries launched on campuses so that others can hear the Good News of Jesus Christ than we ever will.  We know that God wants all to come to faith.  We are simply going where God has already worked ahead of time.

Dave Meritt, Student Venture’s Coaching Center, received an email from Kevin saying that he wanted to make a difference for Christ in a school in Missouri.  Dave emailed him about GoCampus and how he could apply to volunteer with Student Venture.  Within three days, he had an application and all the references in.  He emailed again saying the more he dug into GoCampus, the more excited he got about what God might do.  In Dave’s first phone conversation with him, he mentioned he was connected with five youth pastors who had kids coming from as many schools.  Each one is interested in seeing a movement launched in those schools.  Dave says that the Coaching Center believes God has prepared one or two people to make a difference for Christ in every school in the country.

So as we go, trusting God to raise up those who want to make a difference for Christ, let’s anticipate what God will do.  We can assume that He has been working in advance and we can trust Him to lead us to those Great Commission resources, people and otherwise, to reach that campus or community for Christ.


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