“Let us go elsewhere”

I was in a meeting Friday where Darryl Smith, Student Venture National Director, was sharing from Mark 1:21-39. This was a great reminder of a passage that has meant a lot to me personally in terms of the vision God has given me for ministry. Notice what Jesus did and the reaction of the people. (Quotes from the NIV.)

  • :21 Jesus taught in the synagogue
    • :22 “The people were amazed at his teaching.”
  • :23 Jesus confronted evil spirits.
  • :25 The spirits came out of the man.
    • :27 “The people were all so amazed…”
    • :28 “News about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee.”
  • :29 Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law.
  • :32 Jesus healed the sick and demon-possessed in Capernaum.
    • :33 “The whole town gathered at the door…”

Darryl asked the question, “When you are having so much success in ministry, does it make sense logically to step away from those activities that brought about that success?” But, what did Christ do?

First, He focused on His relationship with the Father by going away to a quiet place. That is such a great example for us to keep our walk with the Lord as first importance. Even while “Everyone is looking for you!” (:37b), his relationship with the Father was pre-eminent.

Second, and this is the challenge part for many of us, He said, “Let us go somewhere else to the nearby villages so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” So he traveled throughout Galilee. Now we are not the Lord, but some other questions come to mind.

  • Do we feel the freedom to go “elsewhere”?
  • Doesn’t Christ’s going to other places before He established a leadership framework seem counterproductive?
  • Do I subtly find myself looking at my own importance in managing the work that He has called me to do?
  • Do I seek the Lord to know how to balance helping the ones He has already entrusted to my care and still look for ways go to others who are presently outside of our reach?

I love this passage. It reminds me that I need to keep looking to the Lord to know what He would have me do day by day.


4 thoughts on ““Let us go elsewhere”

  1. willohroots

    I am preaching through Mark. I just finished some prep. when I found this blog. I missed it. I was looking for things for others and sailed right by a message for myself. I need to go elsewhere and be with my God for a while. sometimes we need another to point the way. Thank you. shalom

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