Two new important websites

You have plenty to do this time of year.  There is the end of the semester wrap-up, finalizing details for Christmas/Winter conferences, Christmas cards, end of the year fund appeals, etc.  But if you have a place where you are putting ideas for next semester, tuck this tip away and pull it out in early January.  Here are two new websites that you will want to become familiar with.   You are going to find these extremely helpful.

With our emphasis on launching Missional Teams, this site developed under the guidance of Stacie Fletcher and her team of reviewers and contributors, has resources that will help us as we form and send missional teams.  If you have seen the Missional Team Leaders position focus, then you already know the general layout of the site.

  • Love The Lord
  • Lead Your Team
  • Line Up Resources
  • Launch and Build New Movements

On the home page, you will find this opening description:

“You’re passionate about reaching students with the good news of Jesus Christ.  And so you have committed to leading a team of like-minded people, a missional team, to do just that. So what now?!? As a missional team leader, your role is to lead a team of Christ-like laborers who are committed to reaching a defined campus or people group with the gospel by launching win, build, send movements.”

You will hear more about this at the Christmas/Winter conferences.  But as you raise up missional teams, some of those will be led by students, volunteers and alumni, not just staff.  Some of our graduating seniors will be kingdom called, staff ready, but not staff called.  They will have interests as varied as aid and relief, entertainment and the arts, high school ministry, social justice and the workplace.  Here is a place to find others of like mind, moving to the same city or working in the same ventures.  With 10,000 graduates every year from our ministries, imagine sending your trained leaders to a city and connecting with leaders that other ministries are also sending to that same city, getting connected and having access to all the resources on the first site above.

How exciting!  Again, when you get together for your planning time at the beginning of next semester, pull this out and poke around on each site.  This will be the last tip until January.  Until then…

…Merry Christmas,


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