Christmas Outreach Ideas

I am copied on an E-connection that Neil Downey sends out.  This goes to about 50 student leaders on their Sioux Empire campuses.  Recently their staff team brainstormed some Christmas outreach ideas.  They thought of some that could be done as a whole movement, in a Target Area or even by individuals.  Here is what they came up with.

Christmas Outreach Ideas

  1. Give out candy canes with the link to
  2. From GodSquad: Invite classmates and friends to a party and show the Charlie Brown Christmas movie (the gospel is actually referred to in it!). Have one person share his/her testimony afterwards.  Have food, play a few fun games and maybe even make Christmas cookies.
  3. Have a Christmas cookie making party with some of the Bible studies and challenge students to take bags of cookies to others in their dorms as an intro to a spiritual conversation.
  4. Hand out hot cocoa at a strategic location on campus during finals week along with bookmarks.
  5. Have a Christmas tea.  Students can invite others to a Christmas tea in their dorm, have cookies, hot cocoa/tea, and some conversation questions.  Have someone prepped to be the host of the party and someone else prepped to share the Christmas story as the culminating event.
  6. Do an EveryStudent campaign on Christmas.
  7. Idea two.  Connect the EveryStudent campaign to a “Christmas CRU” meeting (which we’re doing at SDSU) to help promote the meeting.
  8. Idea three.  Use the EveryStudent campaign to promo a holiday survey table that includes free candy canes … but beware of “candy cane lore”.
  9. I was thinking that some students might be able to gather some friends to go to a nursing home to sing carols…perhaps even include a little reading of the Christmas story, or something.  Then have some treats together after and intentionally guide conversations from there.
  10. In Sioux Falls, there are lots of Christmas events going on (I’m sure there are in other towns, too).  Students could choose some outside events that are going to have some gospel content.
  11. Have a progressive dinner, with a progressive gospel message unfolding at each location.
  12. Hold an outdoor event. Perhaps a snowman making contest or maybe invite people to go to the nearest local sledding hill. Invite friends and have a blast.
  13. Hand out hot cocoa as students go to or from supper.  Could have a cru table to hand them out.  Maybe give cookies or Christmas candy as well.
  14. Have a “Study” night with Christmas music and goodies.  Somewhere to study in a friendly atmosphere.  Or maybe have a place to get away from studying. Play Christmas movies and have some games out for a little escape from finals studies.
  15. Stick a “Knowing God Personally” in every mailbox with a candy cane taped to it.
  16. Have Cru students act out the manger scene in some very public area.  Could draw a crowd.

Obviously, not every idea will work in every location.  Consider the needs of your ministry situation and the maturity of your students.  There are so many who face the holidays depressed or without the personal means to find a measure of joy that they long for.  But here is a wonderful opportunity for us to share with others the reason for the hope that we have within and the joy that only Christ can bring.


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