October’s Big Ten

There is usually a flurry of activity during the first six weeks of the Fall semester.  You are recruiting like mad, connecting with new people in studies and ministry activities, and doing lots of evangelism.  There is so much to do to make sure the campus year is getting off to a good start.  But it is around this time of the semester when we need to take stock of what is going on and making any mid-course adjustments.

Ben Rivera, StudentLINC Consultant, writes a tip for student leaders.  The tip usually mirrors those things he wants to cover during his coaching conversations.  That is what makes them so practical.  The latest one talks about some of those diagnostic questions that Ben covers with his campus leaders.

The Big Ten as You Think About October

  1. Have you planned your big evangelistic event for the month of October?
  2. Are you finding ways to get into spiritual conversations with students and invite them to your meetings?
  3. Is there a time to fit in a fun social event for the ministry this month? Hay ride? Barn dance? Indoor volleyball night? Dinner night? Be creative.
  4. Have you followed up on most of the contacts and new people from September?  Invited them to the fall retreat?
  5. Are your posters all over campus so that people can find you if they’re looking for you? Maybe put up a new style poster for this month?
  6. Are your meeting/Bible studies well organized and sharp so that students will want to come back each week?
  7. Are you praying regularly for your campus?
  8. If you are graduating or transferring in December, is there someone you are actively training and pouring your life into who will take over for you?
  9. Are you personally staying fresh with the Lord through your devotions?
  10. Are you excelling academically so as to always be a good steward of your time, resources and future?

Ben is the consummate coach.  All of his coaching takes place over a distance.  That is what enables him to coach so many campuses.  I sit close enough to him that I can hear him and observe how he coaches.  As I listen to him connect with his campus leaders, he is a good listener, he is personable and he relates on a deep heart level with his leaders.  Posted right over his phone is a list of reminders, a template if you will, that helps him help his leaders.  You can see how some of these have informed what he told his leaders in the “Big Ten” above.

  1. Am I working with the right leader?
  2. Do they fully understand our distinctive and purposes for campus ministry? Vision encouragement.
  3. Are they sharing their faith regularly/once a month evangelistic event? Co-Journers, Big Six, CM’07.com
  4. Do they know and practice the principles of conducting a good Bible study?  Cru.com/ultimate Road trip
  5. In their studies, are they covering key material?
  6. Leadership development/multiplication
  7. Fall Retreat/Christmas conference/summer project
  8. The importance of the first week of each semester
  9. Weekly tip via email, Facebook/MySpace etc.
  10. Are they praying?

As you think about where you are in the semester and where you want to go, here are a few more resources to help you keep on target.


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