See You At The Pole

Do you ever drive by a high school or middle school and find yourself praying for God to work on that campus?  Do you have students in any of your ministries that seem to have a passion for seeing God use them in the lives of teenagers?  Then this tip is for you.

On Wednesday, September 24, students will gather at the flagpole on their campuses to ask God to move in and through them.   Many youth ministries across the US have “See You At The Pole” rallies.  My son, Tom, is one of his FCA huddle captains.  They will hand out “Yes, I Believe in God. The 40-Day Challenge” guides at SYATP.  Student Venture uses SYATP as one of their WAVE days.  This is a special hour of evangelism starting on the East coast and sweeping like a wave westward across each time zone.

Why not consider…

  • Take some others with you and visit a local high school on Wednesday for SYATP.
  • If you get a chance before going, check out this START Handbook.  This contains all anyone needs to start a high school or middle school ministry.  You can also request you own hard copy of the handbook.
  • You can find other thoughts on how to plan for SYATP here.  On this page you will also find links to an informal questionnaire to strike up conversations with others about the role of prayer and to learn more about other WAVE dates and topics.

As the START Handbook points out “Teenagers are like wet cement, just waiting for someone to make a lasting impression.  Every day teens are making decisions that will affect them the rest of their lives—whether or not to take that drug or drink, to sleep with that guy or girl, or to give in to peer pressure.  But they are open to spiritual things as they look for answers to the problems they experience.”


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