Links to Useful Websites

With all of the websites we have in the US Campus Ministry, it is hard to remember them all and to know which ones are used for which purposes.  Here is a list of movement launching, evangelism and coaching websites to get you going.

Movement Launching websites:

  •  A good starting place for understanding ministry within different ethnic communities.  There are launching strategies for each of our strategic partners:  Impact, Destino, Epic, BridgesInternaional, Nations, KCCC, AIA, Student Venture, Faculty Commons and Valor.
  • Global Learning Center.  An e-learning tool for launching ministries.
  •   Resources on launching a High School Ministry. Check out the START handbook.
  • For launching Valor movements.
  • Specific sites for various ethnic communities.

Evangelism websites

Coaching websites

No doubt, I have missed something that should be listed.  You probably have your own list of favorites that you frequent and like to pass on to your leaders.  The fact that there are so many begs for a go to place for us.  GodSquad has been that for many.  But in the meantime, bookmarks was developed for just this purpose!


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