The Overflowshow

Hanford, PSW Regional Office, has. In fact, he has read scores of books on
evangelism and gleaned the best ideas from many of those books for you to
use. In developing personal evangelism strategies, he posts them in the
form of 5 minute podcasts at The Overflowshow.

Joe told me, “The goal of the program is to help students and staff overflow
into the lives of non-Christians more effectively and confidently. There
are ideas on how to love on people, transitioning to the gospel, answering
tough questions like the problem of evil, answering one-liner attacks like
“You Christians are intolerant!” You will also see authenticity,
approachability, acts of kindness, deep conversational questions.”

When you check out the episode list you will find ideas from books by authors like Strobel, Hybels, JP Moreland, Randy Newman, etc. In each case Joe and his team have been granted permission. You can listen or download to listen later. So the show indirectly is a nice survey of great books popping on the scene. Their aim is to gather the “best ideas from the 40 best books on evangelism in the world.”

They have been careful to keep in mind our campus ministry values and
checked their ideas with their theological director for accuracy. They are
also developing discussion guides to go with each show

Why not take a look and download a show or two. Let’s consider how we can
better equip our students to share Christ more effectively.


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