Spring week by week coaching plan

When I do trainings on movement launching and coaching, I often hear staff who are excellent coaches tell me that they like the semester coaching plans. It has been a while since I sent out one. But I thought I would re-send this tip from two years ago introducing a Spring Week by Week Coaching Plan.

Some time ago, our pastor told a story of a boy born without his left arm. His parents enrolled him in a Judo class. But his coach only taught his pupil one move and he made him master that move. At a tournament, the one armed boy surprised himself and everyone else by winning every match. Afterward, the boy asked his coach why it he only taught him that one move. The coach said that the only defense against it was to grab his left arm!

The point: A coach is required to develop a plan with the abilities of those being coached in mind in order to ensure success.

As coaches, we need to know the strengths and liabilities of the ministries that we are coaching. We need to know how to grow our ministries from where they are to the next appropriate stage. And we need to do that with the development of our leaders and their growing sense of ownership in mind. Otherwise, we settle into simply maintaining existing ministries and losing sight of the scope.

Here is our Spring 2008 Coaching Plan. I changed the dates for 2008, but did not change any of the content.

Having a plan will help us achieve success. If this one helps you, great. But maybe this will spur your thinking to develop your own coaching plan. If you open this on-line, you can link directly to many of the tools on GodSquad and other sites. The topics in bold face type are the key emphases for the week if time is short.


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